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celebrants also often partake in a festive purim feast including wine and other celebratory beverages.

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purim seudah at congregation beit tikvah of ottawa.

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the pri chodosh cites several opinions regarding drinking on purim and concludes that already in his time several hundred years ago late 1600s , with society s decline over the generations, it is proper to follow the opinion of rabbeinu efraim, and only drink a small amount more than usual.

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gedolim have compared the 70 years of communism to the 70 years between the first and second temples, and rav pam zt l said at one of the dinners for be er hagolah that if not for miracles during those years there would be fewer torah observant jews in america meaning those whose present day families came from those not murdered as a result of purim 5713 .

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why purim is a story of intrigue in the time of the persian empire.

3 and to read the verse which tells us of the inner meaning of purim as if it applies only to the past is to miss its eternal message to israel and the jew.

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