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Patients who received tamoxifen in combination with a cyp2d6 inhibitor had a significantly higher rate of breast cancer recurrence at 2 years 13.

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however, you should contact your health care professional if you think you are having any problems with your tamoxifen therapy.

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anticoagulant antiplatelet meds – may increase bleeding risk cyp2d6 substrates – fluoxetine is a strong cyp2d6 inhibitor tamoxifen – tamoxifen is metabolized by cyp2d6 to its active form.

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i ve told my oncologist i d rather just have my ovaries removed to take care of the hormone aspect, than be on tamoxifen for 4 and a half more years, the few months i was on it was unbearable and i was completely miserable, physically and mentally.

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in clinical trials, response rates with tamoxifen added to combination therapy range from 14.

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tamoxifen for prevention of breast cancer report of the national surgical adjuvant breast and bowel project p 1 study.


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