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Clindamycin is safe, but there are always some patients who get a few side effects or allergic reactions to their medications.

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clindamycin s disadvantages are its high cost, the common occurrence of rash and the predisposition of patients taking clindamycin to clostridium difficile -associated colitis.

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these strains, although resistant to most beta-lactams, are usually susceptible to tmp smx and tetracyclines minocycline , doxycycline and are often susceptible to clindamycin , but there is the potential for emergence of clindamycin resistance by strains inducibly resistant to erythromycin laboratories may report these strains as d-test positive .

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for every occurrence of diarrhea on clindamycin, discontinue and give vancomycin.

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nevertheless, compared to other prescription acne medications, topical clindamycin tends to fare well, and may be a worthwhile acne treatment to try.

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